Alphabetical List of Artists


Ian Adrian (East Coast U.S.A. )

Ian Adrian (Producer, Director, Writer, Creator) – a New York based award winning filmmaker and graduate of Columbia University in 2006.  Ian likes to make films that are different.  “When I watch something, originality is very important, so I try my best to work on projects that aren't like things I've seen before.”


Samara Adrian (East Coast U.S.A. )

Samara Adrian (Producer, Illustrator) – Despite holding a degree in Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico, Samara Adrian, currently a terrorism response trainer, had never drawn anything resembling a cartoon and didn't know what she was doing at first.  After drawing the hundreds of design stills that led to this show, Samara states that she still doesn't think she knows what she's doing.


Marju Ago ( Estonia )

My intention is to recreate the most curious or too often upcoming moments of my personal daily reality. Maximal sharing of individual experience gives impelling force and works as purification; furthermore, tools of art can provide more accomplished communication what is often limited in personal live conversation because of unfinished words, lack of spontaneity, envy and/or fear. What I think is that ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelings formed in a piece of art belong to public, who is free to desire or hate them as well as rethink his/her own reality.



Janell Baxter (Mid West U.S.A. )

Janell Baxter teaches at Columbia College Chicago. Her current work involves generative algorithms and emergence as a medium.


R. J. Chmiel (Mid West U.S.A. )

R. J. Chmiel is a student at the School of the Art Institute Chicago. He still shoots on 16mm film.


Benoît Dhennin ( Belgium )

Benoît Dhennin is a photographer and a videographer. 

He's looking for rhythms wich accords the mind's and the body's spectators. 

Fitting with the profound nature of the images he seeks to capture, he finds himself often working with thespians and musicians… people who are involved in an organic way with their art. 

He also often works with the internal movements of travel, combining intimicy and perception. More recently he did some video portraits and self-portraits in the studio.



27 is a collection of self-portraits, sometimes taken through and with others. 

They're about being myself ; combining impulse from my life and experiments The video shoot is an experiment from which post-production reveals inner parts. What I want to transmit from these inner parts to the spectators is the way I watch myself and bodies ; it's an intimate eye that can be used by everybody. 


Cizzy Gonzales ( Germany )

Cizzy Gonzales is a flute player and performance artist, born in Austria and resident in Dresden . In the centre of her performances are social political and philosophical themes, which get expressed artistically through the connection of improvised and composed flute music, text, electronics and movement.


David Harmon (Producer, Animator, Writer, Voicing) – a Computer Science PhD candidate at Columbia University in New York .  With his focus on animation and a previously untapped ability to do weird voices, David was happy to work on Space Vikings.



Aaron Henderson (Mid West U.S.A. )

Aaron Henderson

Aaron Henderson is an artist and faculty member of the School of the Art Institute Chicago.


Andrew Hicks (Mid West U.S.A. )

Andrew Hicks, artist, teacher, curator, programmer, filmmaker, writer, musician, lives and works in Chicago .


Taylor Hokanson (Mid West U.S.A. )

Taylor Hokanson is an educator and artist working in Chicago . His work ranges from filmmaking and installation to performance and fabrication.



I Love Presets (Mid West U.S.A. )

 I Love Presets is a performance group employing found sound, hacked electronics, and custom video game programming.


Jesse Jagtiani ( Germany , East Coast U.S.A. )

Jesse Jagtiani was born in 1975 in Mainz , Germany .
She received her diploma in Visual Communication from the University of Arts Berlin, Germany.

Currently she lives and works in Boston , USA , where she is an MFA candidate and
a Teaching Graduate Fellow at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts .
Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe, the United States and Asia .


Mi randa July (West Coast U.S.A)

Miranda July is a filmmaker, performing artist and writer. She grew up in Berkeley , California where she began her career by writing plays and staging them at an all-ages club . July's videos, performances, and web-based projects have been presented at sites such as the Museum of Modern Art , the Guggenheim Museum and in the 2002 and 2004 Whitney Biennials. Her collection of stories, No One Belongs Here More Than You , was published in 2007 and won the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award. Her fiction has been printed in The Paris Review, Harper's, and The New Yorker. In 2002 July created the participatory website, learningtoloveyoumore, with artist Harrell Fletcher, and a companion book was published in 2007 by Prestel. She wrote, directed and starred in her first feature-length film, Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005), which won a special jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival and four prizes at the Cannes Film Festival, including the Camera d'Or. July debuted a new performance in 2007 at The Kitchen (NY), and is currently working on her second movie. She lives in Los Angeles .


Emily Kuehn (Mid West U.S.A. )

Emily Kuehn is an artist and teacher in Chicago . She currently teaches at Columbia College Chicago.


Jared Larson (Mid West U.S.A. )

Jared Larson is a filmmaker, writer, storyteller, and actor living in Chicago .


Gregory Little (Mid West U.S.A. )

Gregory Little is an artist and theorist internationally recognized for his work in interactive virtual environments, and in the cultural and philosophical implications of intersections of art and science. Little's ongoing interactive virtual environment, A Body w/o Organs (1999-present) has  spawned numerous iterations; including residencies, installations, prints, essays  and scholarly research presentations. His current research is focused on the concept of synnoetics expressed through animated computational 3d visualizations and audifications of various types of scientific data.  His work, including An Avatar Manifesto (1991-1999), has been exhibited in Europe and the United States , and his research presented at international conferences in numerous locations, including Banff , Bilbao , London , New York , Paris , San Paulo, and Tucson . His theoretical essays have been published in Intertexts, Intelligent Agent, and Technoetic Arts.  Gregory Little is an Associate Professor of Art in the Digital Arts Division at Bowling Green State University in Ohio where he has taught courses in gaming and virtual environments, 3d animation, interactivity, imaging, and concept development.  Past teaching experiences include appointments at Studio Art Center International in Florence , Italy , Brown University , the Rhode Island School of Design, Oberlin College , Kent State University, The College of New Rochelle, and The University of Rhode Island. He is on the review panel for Leonardo Digital Reviews and is a visiting researcher at The Virtual Reality Center at the University of Teesside in the UK .  He has an MFA from the Yale School of Art and Architecture, Yale University in Painting, and a BFA from Indiana University School of Art in Painting.


Joe Nanashe (East Coast U.S.A. )

       Joe Nanashe was born and raised in Akron , Ohio . This post-industrial landscape and its remnants of manual labor became a major influence on the repetitive, task driven nature of his work. Joe Nanashe received his MFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University in 2005. His practice is a blend of video, performance, and installation that confronts the viewer with issues of violence, control, power, humor, and questions the nature of perception. His work has shown in the New York Underground Film Festival, Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Underground Film Festival, and internationally in Switzerland , Germany , the Netherlands , Russia , Canada , and Argentina . Currently, Joe lives and works in Brooklyn , New York .


Matthew Nelson (Mid West U.S.A. )

Matthew Nelson is a multimedia artist teaching at the School of the Art Institute Chicago.


Niki Nolin (Mid West U.S.A. )

 Niki Nolin (with poet Maureen Seaton) teaches at Columbia College Chicago. Much of her work involves collaboration with artists outside her discipline.


Nadine Patterson ( England )

Nadine Patterson is an award winning independent producer/director with the following credits: “I Used to Teach English”, Winner Gold Apple Award 1994 National Educational Film/Video Festival, Oakland, CA; “Anna Russell Jones: Praisesong for a Pioneering Spirit”, Best Documentary 1993 African American Women in the Arts Film/Video Competition, Chicago, IL; “Moving with the Dreaming”, Prized Pieces award from the National Black Programming Consortium in 1997; “Todo El Mundo Dance!” selected for the 2001-2002 Council on Foundations Film and Video Festival. Other notable works include: “Shizue”, screened at the Museum of Modern Art in 1991; and “Release” shown at the Constellation Change Dance Film Festival of London in 2006. Most recently she worked as a video news editor for CBS3 in Philadelphia . She continues to teach classes in video production at Scribe Video Center . She explores issues of culture and history in her film work. Her feature film project “Touching Bass” is currently in development at Harmony Image Productions.


Fred Pinault

I'm a musician and performance atitist.

I spent most of my life in France before stopping everything and go live in New York City . After three years of wandering around developing my practice of music and discovering Performance Art, I came back to France to follow a graduation program in Arts and enjoy the last days of a free school system.


My vision of music and its practice has been largely influenced by performance art through the past years. The rich music scene in NYC has been also of great inspiration.

As a performer, I'm interested in the existential paradoxes that arise from our relation to the screen/mirror, screen/skin, screen/vision and that grow as divine myth in the collective unconscious. I like to use minimal symbolism and religious-like scenery.


Chris Reilly (Mid West U.S.A. )

Chris Reilly is a Chicago new media artist whose work lies at the intersection of video game art and video installation.


Sandra Rosas Ridolfi ( Mid West U.S.A. )

Sandra Rosas Ridolfi teaches holography at the School of the Art Institute Chicago.


Sasha Samochina (Mid West U.S.A. )

Sasha Samochina makes whimsical mythical videos while she studies at the School of the Art Institute Chicago.


Second Front (International)
Second Front is the pioneering performance art group in the online avatar-based VR world, Second Life. Founded in 2006, Second Front includes Doug Jarvis ( Guelph ), Gazira Babeli ( Milan ), Patrick Lichty (Chicago/New Orleans), Yael Gilks ( London ), Liz Solo ( St. Johns ) and Scott Kildall ( San Francisco ). Taking their influences from numerous sources, including Dada, Fluxus, Futurist Syntesi, the Situationist International and contemporary performance artists like Marina Abramovic and Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Second Front creates theatres of the absurd that challenges the formation of virtual narrative. Created in 2006, they have already performed extensively, including in Vancouver, Chicago, New York, and has been featured in publications including SLate, Eikon, Realtime Arts (Australia), Eikon Italy, ArtNews and Art in America.



Jay Stern (East Coast U.S.A. )

Jay Stern's first feature film "The Changeling" opened in NYC in May, 2007.  He has directed and produced over 30 short films and directed over 20 theater productions, including several New York premieres.  He is a founder of the award-winning internationally-syndicated Quicksilver Radio Theater Company, and a founder of the First Sunday's short comedy film festival, which has been screening monthly in NYC since April, 2002.  His next feature, a ghost story titled "Archive Fever," will be produced in 2009.


Amber Hawk Swanson (Mid West U.S.A. )

Amber Hawk Swanson is a multimedia artist currently living and working in Brooklyn .


Moira Tierney ( Ireland )

Moira Tierney was born in Dublin , where she graduated with an honours BA from University College Dublin. She went on to study fine art at l'Ecole Nationale d'Arts de Cergy-Paris, graduating in 1997 with an honours Diplome Nationale Superieure d'Expression Plastique. She was granted an Arts Council film award and a Fulbright Scholarship (to Anthology Film Archives in New York ) in 1998 as well as a grant from the Taoiseach's Department for her film project ‘Matilda Tone'. Since moving to New York Moira has completed 10 short films as well as the half-hour documentary ‘Matilda Tone'; her films have screened internationally at venues such as the Foundation Cartier in Paris, the Rio Film Festival, the London and Edinburgh Film Festivals, the Rotterdam Film Festival and the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, as well as participating in numerous touring programmes and gallery shows. Anthology Film Archives in New York and L'Alternativa Film Festival have screened retrospective programmes of her work. She has recently received a grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council for her film ‘Portrait of a Pan Yard' as well as residencies at the prestigious Yaddo colony at Saratoga Springs , New York and at the Rotunda Gallery/Brooklyn Community Television in New York City. Her films are distributed by Third World Newsreel and the Film-Makers Co-operative in New York and the Collectif Jeune Cinema in Paris .


Ryan Trecartin (East Coast U.S.A. )

Ryan Trecartin's work articulates a next-generation vision of contemporary culture. It is created through a fluid yet orchestrated interaction between the artist and a group of collaborators—his friends, family, fellow artists, and various acquaintances he meets on the internet. Collapsing video, internet, television, performance, digital technology and sound into one unique manifestation, his movies culminate in an entirely new mode of the medium. He was born in Texas and received his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2004. His seminal video A Family Finds Entertainment was the breakout sensation of the 2006 Whitney Biennial, Day for Night , curated by Chrissie Iles and Philippe Vergne, and his feature length movie I-Be Area was named the best of 2007 by ArtForum magazine. His work has been featured in Freeway Balconies at Deutsch Guggenheim , Berlin ; Television Delivers People at The Whitney Museum; and the Busan Biennial, South Korea . His solo exhibition at the Hammer Museum , Los Angeles opened in September and his upcoming projects include Performa 09 in New York .


Jay Van Buren (East Coast U.S.A)
Jay Van Buren is an artist and designer living and working out of Brooklyn New York . He has been an artist, curator, teacher and writer working in the New York art scene since 1997. He was the founder and director of the legendary Videoland gallery on Manhattan 's Lower East Side, and his artworks have been exhibited in Kansas City , New York , Washington DC , Amsterdam and Rotterdam . His recent artworks and events have veered into the realm of Relational Aesthetics creating encounters between people from radically different subcultures. 

His latest project, Brooklyn is Watching was realized by bringing together the world famous fine art gallery, Jack The Pelican Presents and the virtual worlds pioneer Popcha! to create an attention-economy wormhole from the Brooklyn art scene to the Second Life art scene. It is simultaneously an artwork, a marketing vehicle and an entertainment product.

He holds a BFA in painting from the University of Kansas , and an MFA in painting from Parsons, the New School for Design. He also teaches at both the City University of New York, and at Parsons.


Victor Varnado (East Coast U.S.A. )

Victor Varnado is a comedian / actor / writer / director who has been seen on Comedy Central's "Premium Blend," "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," and "Jimmy Kimmel Live."  He has appeared in films with Arnold Schwarzenegger ("End of Days,") Eddie Murphy ("The Adventures of Pluto Nash"), Julia Stiles ("A Guy Thing") and Werner Herzog ("Julien Donkey Boy.")  "Twisted Fortune," Victor's first feature as a director, starring Charlie Murphy and produced by Warner Brothers, will be released in 2009.      Victor is a founder of the First Sundays short comedy film festival, which has been screening monthly in NYC since April, 2002.


Paul Waddel (bicoastal U.S.A. )

Born 1983

continues to live.

Live where you are and you will never be lost


Stacia Yeapanis ( Mid West U.S.A. )

Stacia Yeapanis is multimedia artist living and working in Chicago . She is currently remixing popular culture seeking to expose cultural myths.