Pärnu Artist House

Friday October 10 2008

19:00 Screening of Film Shorts

Moira Tierney, curator Solus

SOLUS is an independent film collective and platform for film-makers working in Super-8mm / 16mm and DV. The group was formed in 1998 in Dublin , Ireland , with the dual aim of showing Irish short and avant-garde films abroad and international short and avant-garde films in Ireland . This programme is a selection of films and

videos by SOLUS members new and old; it's a sampling of some of the work on our SOLUS DVD Vol. 1 as well as a sneak preview of our next screening extravaganza (coming up at Anthology Film Archives in New York in December). So you're likely to see some of the following: Malian medicine men, suicidal lobsters, poetry as Gaeilge, Coupe-Decale, Stom Sogo's New York Diaries, American Dreams #4, abstracted Arabic meditations, sean-nos singers, Dublin 's premier Afro Sports Metal combo, Belfast hip-hop, drowning houses...

Screening and workshop sponsored by Culture Ireland (insert logo) for more information see: