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about artist:

Kim Baek Ki is director of the Korean Experimental Arts Festival, held annually in Seoul since 2002. As well as planning and directing many events, he is an active experimental performance artist in South Korea and internationally.



Title: The River

Contents (Concept): The river is the flow of our soul that crosses the minds of each of us.

The river always runs near human beings. At times, it leads the life to a different phase crossing over the other side of life when passing through every turn.

The warm-hearted river that controls the triste and beautiful feelings of life penetrates the human life like a vein and guides to another cosmos existing in our heart.

Comparing the life to river, this is an image performance that symbolically expresses various aspects of our life.


Title: The moon and sixpence

Contents (Concept): The moon is an ideal symbolizes madness and art.

The six pence indicate reality that symbolizes property and sensibility lust for earthly honor.

The goldfish in a fishbowl is a figure of doer himself.

Water for fish is same as bread for men.

Although there's no water, goldfish is bouncing and showing its tough motion to us.

Maybe people today who are wandering isolated gap of between a reality and an ideal are

not different from a goldfish.



March Organized KoPAS

May "The Moon and Six Pence" Arts Festival Korea & Japan

August Opening and Closing Performance at Coal Town Art Gallery

November Established Pusan KoPAS

8 Performances etc.



January Fresh Artists Invitation Performance :Freedom... the dedicate vibration"

May Dance Festival "Take my hands"

July Performance "Praying for Rain"

August A Fusion Ensemble, 4 Performing Artists traditional instruments

October National Foundation Performance Gim-Po Sculpture Park , Opening Performqance

December Performance "a Butterfly of Jang-Ja"

18 Perofrmances



March Fresh Artists Invitation Performance "Sound=Color"

May Improvised Performance, Korea and Japan "A Variation from the earth"

    Performance workshop Korea and Japan ,

    "SAL VANILLA" Japanese Buhto Organization

June InCheon Performance Arts Festival - Art Director

     Daejeon, ChungNam Performing Arts Festival

     [KoPAS DaeJeon]

     Krea Performance 30 years Conference - "Past, Present, and the Future"

August DanYang Fire Wood Furnace Arts Festival - Art Director

       1st Korea Experimental Arts Festival

       " Korea Performance 30 Years" - Director

October BuPyeong Flok Music Festival - Art Director

20 Performances etc.



March Performance "Dance with Beautiful Feet"

May National Museum of Art, Deoksugung "Spring Culture Festival"

July DanYang Frie Wood Furnace Arts Festival - Art Director

     2nd Korea Experimental Arts Festival "Messanger" - Director

October Daejeon, ChungNam Performing Arts Festival

November Daegu International Performance Docmuenta

  House Arts Party Every Year

  40 Performances etc.



February Protecting Theatres - Art and Culture Union

March Art and Culture Funeral

April Jang Seung Hyo Invitation Opening Ceremony, "Korean MUSE"

May Yard Festival

July Pusan Fine Arts Exhibition 30 Years Ceremony

August MuAhn White Flower Festival,

       Multimedia Performance "A Feast of Light"

September International Arts Performance Congress

           ImJin River Visual Arts Festival Opening Performance

October 3rd Korea Experimental Arts Festival "Mobius Strip" - Director

November Performance "The River" - Director

    House Arts Party

    70 Performances etc.



March JeonJu International Performing Arts Festival "A Channel of Silence"

May 2005 Peroformance Workshop for the disale

June 10th Environment Day Ceremony - Director

     Flower Thicket Arts Festival Directing

July International Windsufing World Championships Closing Ceremony

August Art Relay "Over the Rainbow" Co-working

       MuAhn White Flower Festival, Multimedia Performance "A Feast of Light"

September Pocheon Asis Contemporary Fine Arts

October Gangneung Wangsan National Foundation Festival "A Sad Song for the Sky" - Director

        Gwangju Design Biennale Eve and Opening Ceremony

December 4th Korea Experimental Arts Festival "Full and Empty" - Director

   House Arts Party



March Cherish the Memory of Nam June, Paik - Performance Director

       Mokpo Ocean Culture Festival Opening Ceremony Co-working

May Visiting House Arts Party

June ChunCheon International Mime Festival, "Mystery Dream" - Director

August 5th 2006 Korea Expreimental Arts Festival,

       <LOHAS-the Sympathy between Nature and Human>-Director

       HASLLA Art World

September 10th Wangsan National Foundation Festival, "A Disaster"-Director

December Seonyudo Environment Festival

         Visiting House Arts Party

          Korea Experimental Arts Festival, Diverse Genres of Arts <This Year's Art Award>

   House Arts Party



Janauary Consignment Management < Seoul Children Arts Center >

May 2007 Ulsan Performance Arts Festival - Director

     Spain Valladolid Performing Arts at the Street ( SPAIN )

July Nam June, Paik Video Rhapsody Opening Ceremony

September Thames River Festival ( England )

           Korea Harvest Festival "Harvest Day" ( England , British Museum )

October HASLLA improvised Arts Festival - Director

        Seoul International Performance Festival at Nowon, the street of culture

November International Experimental Arts Project - Director

         6th Korea Experimental Arts Festival, "KOrea Performance Arts 40 year 40 artists" - Director

December WoodFord Folk Festival ( Australia )



January Gosford Art Flux

        Public Space Proaject 2008, "Click Here"

March The Han river Four Season Festival “Butterfly Festival” - Director

May Diverse Universe in Estonia

September  7th Korea Experimental Arts Festival,

"Experimental Art World Expo" - Director

October HASLLA improvised Arts Festival - Director

         Seoul International Performance Festival at Nowon - Director

December Multimedia Image Performance “The Circle” - Director

WoodFord Folk Festival ( Australia )