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Orion Maxted  

Orion Maxted's work is about the human condition. About living in a world dictated by our own cognition, a world of discreet infinity. In his performance, he questions the root of understanding through an exploration of circular and circuitous inquiry and action. In his words:

?€?The fundamental of the fundamental of the fundamental of the fundamental of the fundamental of the fundamental?€¦ If by taking apart and putting back together we gain understanding of the world; Then, By taking apart and putting back together: taking apart and putting back together , May we gain some understanding of understanding ?!?€¦ It is as if re-asking a question to which we assume to have a definitive answer. It opens up a space of possibility?€¦ Its not about that, its much simpler, its much more than that, its much less?€¦ its just about taking things apart and putting them back together.



52, Old Shoreham Road,
BN3 6GF.
Mobile : 07799 445488
E-mail :

06 2007 ‘Diverse Universe III’, ESTONIA (Unknown Performances)
05 2007 ‘Performance Festival L?-Baz’, Helsinki, FINLAND. (Unknown Performance)
04 2007 ‘Can We Infect You Please’, ‘between regret and assay’, London.
04 2007 ‘Fresh Fest’, Reading,(Unknown Performance)
12 2006 ‘Visions Of Division’ Collaboration with Non Grata, Brighton.
11 2006 ‘The Other Is You’, Station House Opera, Brighton , Berlin, Gronigen
05 2006 ‘This Rough Magic – Process Transformation 9’. Brighton University, ENGLAND.
01 2006 ‘Process Transformation 10’, Brighton, ENGLAND,
07 2005 ‘HolmBush Festival’, Exeter, ENGLAND,
05 2005 ‘Diverse Universe’, Lahti, FINLAND.
05 2005 ‘Performance Festival L?-Baz’, Helsinki, FINLAND.
05 2005 ‘Art Non Grata’, Tartu, ESTONIA.
05 2005 ‘Homo Grandis Natu’, Tallin, ESTONIA.
05 2005 ‘Time Space Movement’, Paide, ESTONIA.
11 2004 ‘Welcome Gold’, Congress for Performance Art, Berlin, GERMANY.
09 2004 ‘Gwangju Biennale’, KOREA.
09 2004 ‘Flow’ - ‘The Anyang River Project’, Anyang, KOREA.
09 2004 ‘10th International Congress for Performance Art’, Seoul, KOREA.

06 2005 ‘DanceScreen 2005’, Brighton, ENGLAND. (Sound Installation, Performance)
01 2006 ‘ Connections II’, Video Screening, KOREA
02 2005 ‘Sonic Shoes’, Brighton University Gallery. (Sound/Movement installation, Performance)
10 2004 ‘Goyang International Arts Festival – 7Link’, KOREA. (Video Installation)
03 2002 ‘4eme Festival Montmartre en Europe’, Paris, FRANCE. (Photography)

12 2006 ‘Visions of Division’ , Video Festival, Brighton.
06 2006 ‘DECONSTRUCTION/RECONSTRUCTION’, protoPLAY (Co-Organiser, Music, Installation, Live Art)
05 2006 ‘We Know Where To Find You’, protoPLAY. Permanent Gallery, Brighton, ENGLAND.
10 2005 ‘Creative Insurgency’ Artists from Britain and Estonia (Performance), The Basement, Brighton, ENGLAND.
06 2005 ‘The protoPLAY experiment’, Brighton, England. (Co-Organiser, Music, Live Art), Enigma Club., Brighton, ENGLAND.
03 2005 ‘protoPLAY’, The Basement, Brighton, England. (Co-Organiser, Music, Installation, Live Art)
06 2004 ‘FFFFPEPEPEPEPE’, Brighton, (Music, Performance), Marlborough Theatre.

06 2007 ‘Survival’, a DIY 4 Event, with Al Paldrok of Non Grata.
01 2007 Workshops at Brighton University, with Visual Performing Arts Students.
12 2006 ‘Visions of Division’ , Performance Lecture at Northbrook College with Non Grata.
08 2006 ‘TAG’, The Permanent Gallery, Brighton.
05 2006 ‘Incidents, protoPLAY in conversation with Monica Ross
05 2005 ‘Mass Production’, Academia Non Grata, Paide, ESTONIA. (Workshop)
10 2004 ‘Goyang International Arts Festival – 7Link’, KOREA. (Talk)