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Eseohe Arhebamen  

Artist's Statement

Media-generated synesthesia. A series of physical movements becomes a relationship between musical notes or the emotional temperature of the environments in a video. I am not interested in making sense. I have spent many years studying the construction of language. I now have an obsession with undoing language. (Stop speaking.) I began my career as a poet and a writer; now in my work, I am written . (Be spoken.) I am a black Afrikan woman. I was born in Nigeria. My grandmother is the Princess Nodumwenben Osazuwa. My great-grandfather had forty wives. I have witnessed exorcisms and possessions. There are many worlds in coexistence, many spirits named Eseohe Arhebamen. I am a madhouse of characters that put on rainboots and go stomping outside in bad weather. We are not interested in sanity. I work in multiple media- poetry, plays, music, video, dance, painting and sculpture. My creations exist on multiple levels of meaning; there are internal dialogues between the different media. For example, a poem and a video may be in collusion in one of my performances, mocking the lexicon of my physical movements. A puppet of my own making. For the purposes of liberating my Primitive body from your minds, I am showing how life began.



Eseohe Arhebamen



Performance Works


EWA BAMI'JO Festival 2009, Edoheart in partnership with Yk Projects

and the United African Institute, Nigeria



Performance at the Nigerian Consulate, New York

Soundcollaboration with Sinuhé Padilla Isunza, Brooklyn, New York

Film Presentation, Columbia Teacher's College, New York

eAIR Butoh sketch, Forward Motion Theater, New York

East Village Radio Interview, New York

La Tierra Prometida, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, New York

Number 18, a dance choreography for two homosexual men, New York

The Cement Factory, a film collaboration with FMT, Long Island City, New York

Facebook Blonder Battle with Rachel Hoffman, New York-Florida, USA



NONGRATA, Leo Kesting Gallery, New York

Korea Experimental Arts Festival, Seoul, Korea

Guilty, an improv. collaboration with Sato Yukie and Steve Vanoni, Seoul, Korea

The Cement Factory, a musical collaboration with Eric Shieh, Harlem, New York

How Far? featuring Fire Butoh 3, Monkeytown, New York

Fundraiser for Peace / a benefit for Michigan Peaceworks, New York

Ophelia, a synesthetic dance choreography, New York

Thompson Square Park: Guerilla Butoh, New York

DanceLab: Osemwegie-Ehigiator Osazuwa, Theatre Arts / Masscommunication Dept., Nigeria

University of Benin: Artistic Co-Director, Igodomigodo, Edo State, Nigeria

Art is Life on Jesus Christ Road, Edo State, Nigeria

Seeking My Beloved Spirit After Twenty Years I Return Home, Lagos, Nigeria

21st Century African Critics, International

Oliva: Drums & Percussion with Peter Davis Barr, New York

Performance production series: Edoheart presents, New York

self-propelled machinemusik , soundcollaboration with Toshio Kajiwara, New York

Chaos Diffluens with Fred Pinault, Jonathan Shorr Gallery, New York

Es Su Casa, Jonathan Shorr Gallery, New York

A Birthday Party for Taje & Eseohe, Jonathan Shorr Gallery, New York

Fire Butoh 2, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, New York



Fire Butoh 1, Hunter College, New York

The N Word, a documentary film work with Jay Bachhuber, New York

Debut Evening / Midweek Music Mixer Mash, TenEleven, New York

Us Up On the Moon, an interdisciplinary project with Jessica Jackson, Brooklyn, New York

NY Butoh-Kan, New York

Storytelling, Wingspan Arts, New York

Martin Luther King Day music presentation with Luke Winslow King, Bronx, New York

Musical series with Maggie Smith, Brooklyn, New York

Wide Open Floor, University of Michigan Theater Department, An Arbor

Poetry and Fiction Writing Workshops with Maria Christoff, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Music performance with NOMO / opening for The Wailers, The Majestic, Detroit, Michigan

Environmental Justice Initiative Poetry Slam, Ann Arbor, Michigan

College Unions Poetry Slam, Cincinnati, Ohio

U-Club Poetry Slam Finals, University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor

Crazy Wisdom Tearoom: Featured Poet, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Speaker, Take Back the Night, Ann Arbor, Michigan



2007 B.A. Studio Art candidate Hunter College-New York

2005 B.A. Creative Writing and Literature University of Michigan-Ann Arbor


Teaching Experience

2009 Butoh Training Workshops for Performance, New York

2008 English Language Arts Tutor, Hamilton-Madison House, New York

2007 Art Instructor & Storyteller, Wingspan Arts- P.S. 40 & P.S. 183, New York

2006 Poetry Instructor, Dr. White Community Center, Brooklyn, New York

2004 English Language Arts Tutor, Mount Vernon High School, Mount Vernon, New York

2003 Tutor, The Pro-Testers, Inc., Brooklyn, New York

2002 Poetry and Fiction Teacher, Stewart Elementary School, Detroit, Michigan



2006 Poet of the Day, Poets Against the War

2002 Writer-in-Residence, InsideOut Literary / Arts Project, Detroit, Michigan

2002 Environmental Justice Initiative First Place Award, University of Michigan

2002 College Unions Poetry Slam National Champion First Place, Ohio Invitational

2001 University Of Michigan Hopwood Award (Poetry)

2001 Arthur Miller Award (Fiction), University of Michigan

2000 Jeffrey L. Weisberg Memorial Prize (Writing), University of Michigan

1998 Residential College Fellowship, University of Michigan



2006 The Hopwood Awards: 75 Years of Prized Writing, University of Michigan Press

2006 Softblow Online Poetry Journal

2006 The Yellow Elephant, Volume #1

2006 The Hudson Press, Issue #1

2003 Poets Against the War

2003 Seeding the Clouds, Ornithology Press