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Kim Baek Ki

Kwon Soo Im

Lee Jung hun

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Hans Günter Lock

Fire Angel

Kwon Soo Im






2001 B.A. major in dance at KyungSung University

2004-now Studying Art Management at Sejong University



1997 ? Cast away ? in Pusan Sea Festival

1999 ? Four Seas ? in Pusan Dance Festival

? Mulmaji Gud ? in Pusan Sea Festival

? Dance, Getting Excited ? in Kangwon International Traveling Expo

Invitation Performance for people from abroad ‘BaegimHutun Chum' in Pusan Cultural Center

2000 Invitation Performance in Japan Arirang Festival

? Four Seas ? at Cultural Art Center in 7 th Racial Dance Festival

Chumpae Baegimsae 15 th anniversary performance, ? Tree ? at the theater in Minju Park

? River of mothers ? at Pusan Cultural Art Center in Pusan Culture Awards

Chumpae Baegimsae ? Finding who sent me ?

Shin Eunju ' s dance ? Tree ? -at Concert Hall in KyungSung University

Welcoming the first full moon Festival in Minju Park

? Red Tree ? -at Concert Hall in KyungSung University

2001 New Young Dancer's Festival ? Bad Dream ? at the theater in Minju Park

? Love and Ghost ? At Pusan Cultural Center In Pusan Theater Festival

2003 Seoul Fringe Festival – Post Theater

2007 Hi,Seoul Festival ‘Rock Performance' ? Heaven and Hell ? at Nanjiwon

Woolsan Performance Art Festival ? The giving tree ? at Woolsan Cultural Center

? Gayeon ? at Pyungchangdong ‘Corehands' in House Art Party

KBS Special Exhibition Paik NamJun's Video Rhapsody Opening Performance

Daehakro Festival D-festa ? freedom ?

Hasla Improvising Festival at Hasla Art World

Seoul International Performance Festival in Nowon

2008 Exhibition Performance ? Variation of String ? in Chunggye Square

Chungmuro International Film Festival Ceremony ? Bridge of Time ?

Chuncheon Mime Festival ? Future-Variation of String ?

Korea Experimental Arts Festival ? River ?

Hasla Improvising Festival ? Be one with sea ?

? The Circle ? at Nowon Cultural Center

2009 Woodford Folk Festival in Australia ? Where Is My Mind? ?? Walking In The Life ?


Performance Description


Title: Time

Contents (Concept):

Time flows constantly, waits for no one and is never coming back.

I want to talk about the time.

We're standing in time running through. It would be really painful to regret wasting time standing at a point of the life. I'd like to give a message for consciousness and preciousness of time expressing the moment.


Title: Where is my mind…?

Contents (Concept):

Human desires something eagerly. We have unrestrained greed. Sometimes we get lost and wander around bridle of desire. Suddenly when we wake up, we've been chasing transience.


I talk behind the way I've walked through.

Where is my mind....?

Who I am, what I've been looking for, where I will go now…


We thirst for freedom trying to escape from reality.

We want to grab everything in our hand. But it results in feeling-vain.

In the end we have to get back to where we used to be.


The performance is about bridle of life in a cycle.