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Artist CV.

D.O.B. – 23/06/1984



2002 – 2003,

Foundation, Leeds college of Art and Design

2003 – 2006,

BA Honours Fine Art – First Class, Howard Gardens school of Art and Design.


NRLA Glasgow, 06-09/02/2008 - Tace:Displaced

Paparazzi, The Hague, Netherlands, 05/04/2008 - Drag

Permanent Gallery, Brighton, 17/05/2008 - Drag2

Chapter, Common Ground, Cardiff, 23/05/2008 – Smile from corner to corner.

We Haunt, Roath Lake Cardiff, 18/06/2008 – Moon Racking.

Eisteddfod Wales, Cardiff, 04-09/08/2008 – Trace:Displaced Gwaith

CO-LAB, Artist Space Tallin, Estonia, 05-20/10/08 – Residency.

CO-LAB, Tactile Bosch, Cardiff, 08/11/08 – Untitled.


Some Vacant Accommodation, Stroud SVA, 27/01/07 – Tuna-Poetry and Wire.

Writing as a form of Prayer, 21/02/2007 - 07/04/2007 Lent project2

Tactile Bosch, May day mayhem, 5/05/2007 – Today I am to die for.

Croatia, Festival, 16/06/2007 – Neon Posers.

Chapter Arts Centre, Dance festival, 22/06/2007 – 23/06/2007 – Bloody Poetry.

Tactile Bosch, Lapse, 16/10/2007 – A copper bar and a muscular arm named dick.

Chapter, Experimentica, 18/10/2007 – Maps. An episode of foxgloves are poison.

Tactile Bosch, Dark victory 11/11/2007 – Confessions in a toilet cubical.


Howard Gardens Cardiff, 10/04/06– I got me some horses.

Tactile Bosch Cardiff, 2/05/06– Peas and alcoholic beverages

Conjunction Stoke on Trent, 19/05/06 – Ow a light works

Degree show Cardiff, 10/06/06 – I'm a confused Vibrating Murderer

Enterprise The Space London, 18/06/06– The Sorrowful mystery of the


Between the Sheets London, 22/07/06 – The Power of Orange Knickers

11/08/06 – The Power of Orange Knickers

Paradise 1- Tactile Bosch Cardiff, 29/09/06 – Something touched me deep inside.

Paradise 2 Tacile Bosch Cardiff, 6/10/06 – In asking my moth things.

Experimentica Cardiff, 10/10/06 – Bloody poetry (Thigh John)

Expo Nottingham, 4/11/06 – Moth Coffee

In ode to moths2, 11/11/06 – I drank coffee and thought of you.

I confess I was there, Belfast, 16/11/06 – sitting tapping on Iron.


House Cardiff, 7/04/05 – Something touched me deep inside

Experimentica Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff, 13/10/05 - Boy Boy Boy

Experimentica Chapter, Cardiff, 15/10/05 - Dance of the sleepwalkers

Tactile Bosch Cardiff, 25/10/05 - Dance of the sleepwalkers

Cine world Cardiff, 10/11/05 – Life after death in Vegas “la la la”

Howard Gardens Cardiff, 11/11/05 – Celeb ate your mother

Howard Gardens Cardiff – Bloody Poetry: I'm sore all over, A quote from Dismissed,

Ode to Tulips


Diversities Tactile Bosch, 12/12/04 – imaginary friend for Stella



Boy Boy Boy,

A two hour durational performance.

Performance involves a girl sat at the top of a 10ft white chair repeating the word ‘boy' while she does this she creates balls of lard in one hand then places them in a blue pouch and drops them on the floor creating a pile. Occasionally the girl starts to suck on a tube that leads to a fish bowl of WKD blue.


I got me some horses,

A 30 minute performance,

Performance involved a girl sat inside a shed in a dim lit room. The shed was lit from the inside and the girl could be viewed through a lens in the door or a slot in the window. The girl is sat on a chair and is drinking tea. Outside two other girls stand on either side of the shed. They are attached to each other by a string of blue balls worn around their necks. They are also wearing headphones. The music they are listening to can be heard by the viewer. The two girls pretend to ride horses along to the music.


Bloody poetry.

A series of image based performances that are derived from texts. Some of the texts I have written myself and some are edited from other writer's books, poems, songs etc. The pieces originally started off as 6 seconds long. So the viewer would enter a dark space and then a light would come on for about six seconds. I would be in a pose for example, I'm Sore All Over, standing open mouthed with a shower head running water over my painted blue leg. Around my neck a string of balls hung. Then the light would go off again and that would be the end.


In asking my Moth things.

A 20 minute performance.

Performance involved a girl sat with her foot in a noose of electrical wire. A bag hovered above her leg. It was filled with a thick blue fluid that continued to drip onto the girls leg. On each drip the girl said “Ow”.

The girl then made herself a coffee and started to shave the gunk off. When the leg was clear of blue the girl sucked two red marks onto each of her shoulders and circled them with blue marker.

She then stepped out onto a white velvet sheet, sang and then collapsed. A large man carried her off and decided what she should wear for the remainder of the evening.


6 th of April (one of 47 – short stories written over the period of lent.)

Today I am to die for.


I'm so laid back, I'm so laid back I'm sprawled over a table. Under the table a reptile sleeps.

In holding down 17g of fat. It rests as I rest. I rest but remain uncomfortable. My body arched backwards over a small wooden table, oh the pleasure.

I stretch my arms out and turn my palms up to the ceiling.

Another enters the space wearing a suit and white gloves. They are carrying a glass of red wine that they hold up to the light. This causes a shimmering red reflection that rests on the middle of my palm. It wobbles for a while and then stills in my palm. I'm pulled up into a sitting position the reflection remains where my palm was. I feel dizzy as the blood sinks from inside my head. I'm handed the wine so I drink it in one go, place the glass on the table and then leave the room.


Beth Greenhalgh

31 Clun Terrace,



CF24 4RB